EllenQueenNFT – ΞLLΞN ᴺᶠᵀ Twitter Scammer – Liar

This Twitter account is buying advertising for meme coins. They have 250,000 followers, but they are all fake and therefore useless. When asked about pricing for one advertisement tweet, they initially quoted $400. After negotiating, they sold us the ad for $250 and sent the tweet, which received 24,000 views, 100 likes, and 100 retweets. However, no investors came to our token and our Twitter account did not gain any followers because all of the account’s followers are fake. The account uses bots for retweets, views, likes, and followers, and steals people’s money. This is a scammer. May the money they stole from us come out of their child and loved ones as blood. May their loved ones die in front of their eyes and become disabled.